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Deep-Dish Pizza


me getting snacks for the turn up function

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this photo of zayn holding the irish flag high and showing off his happiest dweebiest nerdbaby scrunchface smile is probably the single best thing he could have given niall for his birthday i’m so—


#i imagine 20 or 30 years from now#when harry and louis have their own kids#they will get adventurous and explore in the basement#and stumble across a dusty shoe box with dozens of old polariod pictures inside#and of course they go confront harry and louis about it#and harry will smile nostalgically and gather them around and tell his kids how their daddy was smitten with him#and snapped pictures when he thought harry wasn’t looking,#and louis will overhear from the other room and huff and blush and complain that that was most definitely not how it happened,#louis will then think of outrageous excuses as to why he took so many pictures of harry#’i was taking a picture of the wall and he got in front of it’#’i was testing out my camera’#’…i didn’t know it was on?’#’stop grinning at me like that harry’#and harry will laugh and laugh and gather him in his long arms and kiss his cheek#and pretend to believe him#even though he knew louis fell head over heels for him when they first met#the same way he did for louis,

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have you ever measured your penis?”
"yeah" [x]

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harrystyles Strong

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Space-Saving Design Ideas

Space saving furniture




@zaynmalik [drake voice] sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on… that’s when you’re the prettiest i hope you don’t take it wrong